Minutes of 2022 LHNA Annual Meeting

Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting Minutes


Date: May 25, 2022

Location: Walker Art Center

Time: 6:00 PM: Social Hour with Appetizer and Cash Bar in Bazinet Lobby

LHNA Residents Present: 83 Lowry Hill Residents signed in at the reception desk,
including 14 of the 15 current LHNA Board Members. There was joyous socialization.

Meeting and Elections: 7:02 PM: President Charles Scheiderer greeted everyone and commenced the Meeting in the Walker Cinema.

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* Opening Remarks by 7 th Ward Council Member Lisa Goodman (see PDF)

Lisa gave a brief presentation on the power of an individual Lowry Hill Neighbor, working with Lisa and the City to tackle the Gas Guzzling, Carbon Emitting and Obnoxious Noise Polluting Lawn and Snow Service Blowers that destroy our Peace and Quiet in the Lowry Hill Neighborhood. They are now engaging the major lawn services to hopefully transition to much quieter, energy efficient battery powered blowers by tapping into the $150,000 City Clean Energy Partnership.

* President Chas Scheiderer’s Yearly Update (see PDF)

*Treasurer Toni D’Eramo’s Financial Report (see PDF)

* Events with Events Chair Jackie Brown-Baylor (see PDF)

* Remarks by Crime & Safety Chair Westerman (see PDF)

There was a hearty discussion on this topic that included best cameras for home use and the concerns of individual freedom from constant surveillance throughout the Lowry Hill neighborhood versus the collective protection of all.

*Address by Park Board Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer, District 4 (see PDF)

* Election of LHNA Board Members (see PDF)

President Scheiderer thanked the 3 outgoing Board Members Treasurer Toni
D’Eramo , Robert Hinck and Craig Wilson. The LHNA members present in the Cinema unanimously elected 3 new LHNA Board Members: Nate Morrow, David Bjork and William Goodnow. In addition, 7 existing LHNA Board Members whom were up for re-election, were unanimously re-elected for another two year term. They are Vickie Gilfillian-Bennett, Jennifer Wirick Breitinger, Fran Davis, John Lillehei, MD, George Montague and Sue Westerman.

President Charles thanked all neighborhood participants and adjourned the
LHNA Annual Meeting at 8:23 PM.

Minutes by John Lillehei, MD
Secretary, LHNA Board