Lowry Hill Voting

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Your Federal & State Representatives

  • US House Congressional District 5
  • US Senate State of MN
  • Minnesota House district MN 61A
  • Minnesota Senate district MN 61

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Your City Government

Lowry Hill is in Ward 7
Ward 7 is located on the Western edge of Minneapolis and is home to 8 neighborhoods: Bryn Mawr, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Downtown Minneapolis, East Isles, Elliot Park, Kenwood-Isles, Loring Park, and Lowry Hill. Lakes and parks are major features of Ward 7, with convenient access to trails and greenspace. Ward 7 also includes vibrant portions of downtown such as the Hennepin Ave Theatre District and Nicollet Mall. See map.

Lowry Hill is in Park Board District 4
Your Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner’s role and responsibilities include development of park policies, dnacting ordinances governing the use of neighborhood and regional parks, parkways, beaches and lakes, and special use facilities such as pools, ice arenas and golf courses and appointing the Superintendent. See map.

Your Hennepin County Commissioner

Lowry Hill is in District 3
Hennepin Co. has seven commissioners elected from seven separate districts of the county. The map below represents the current commissioner districts. See map.