City Services: Call 3-1-1

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What is 311 and when should I call it?

Need to report a broken street light?
Problem with your boulevard tree?
Is there a stray dog roaming your neighborhood?
What if it's not an emergency?

Instead of having to weed through a list of more than 200 city services numbers, all you need is 311.

Minneapolis residents, businesses and visitors can call 311 to inquire about City services, report problems, check the status of issues, or get information.

From reporting Graffiti or long grass, to finding out where to vote, to reporting a stray dog in your neighborhood and a whole lot more, 311 agents are ready to help.

Just call 3-1-1 weekdays from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM and a 311 agent will assist you.

If you are outside the Minneapolis city limits or are unable to dial 311, you can reach 311 by dialing (612)673-3000. For TTY/TDD customers please dial (612) 673-2157.