Lowry Hill Neighborhood Safety

Dear Residents,

There has been an increase in crime in the Lowry Hill neighborhood over the last several months. This includes residential burglaries in our immediate neighborhood.

We are encouraging all in our community to LEAVE FRONT AND BACK PORCH LIGHTS ON all night. Light is a BIG deterrent to criminals. It will not cost you more than a few dollars increase in your monthly electric bill.

Follow this and the safety tips listed below to help make our neighborhood a safer place. Check monthly e-blasts for the latest crime reports in our area.

Thank you,

The Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association


"Leave A Light On"

Lowry Hill is a relatively low crime neighborhood. 90% of the crime here is theft.

The LHNA Board campaign “LEAVE A LIGHT ON” was developed to help residents prevent theft. Light is a BIG deterrent to criminals.

Follow the following basic safety tips listed below to help make our neighborhood a safer place.

  • LEAVE YOUR FRONT AND BACK PORCH LIGHTS ON all night, every night.
  • CALL 911 if you see suspicious persons or activity – this is what 911 is for; don’t hesitate, make the call. Renters, do not wait for your landlord. Report ALL crimes immediately to 911.
  • Arm your alarm system at all times. If you don’t have an alarm system, consider adding a home security system to your residence.
  • Make sure all first floor or easy access windows are locked.
  • Close and lock garage doors. Do not leave valuables on porches or in yards.
  • Get to know your neighbors, share phone numbers and watch out for each other.

Be informed, sign up to receive official Minneapolis Police Department crime reports online at



Lowry Hill Crime & Safety Block Leaders

Get involved. Lowry Hill needs more crime and safety block leaders. Find out more here:  Become a Block Leader.


Installation of Neighborhood Cameras

LHNA to partner with MPD in installing cameras. LHNA pays for the installation ($7,000.00 per camera) using NRP funds and MPD covers all additional ongoing costs.

In 2020, four cameras were installed along Hennepin Ave in conjunction with East Isles and Uptown.

In the summer or fall of 2022, LHNA is planning to install two additional cameras at the intersections of Irving Ave & Franklin Ave and Colfax Ave & Douglas Ave.

The remaining two cameras will be installed at a later/future date; after 2022.