Our Neighborhood, Lowry Hill

The Lowry Hill neighborhood is located west of downtown Minneapolis, enclosed by I-394 on the north, I-94/Hennepin Ave on the east, 22nd St on the south and Lake of the Isles Pkwy, Logan Ave and Morgan Ave on the west.

Lowry Hill is a neighborhood located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The community is named after Thomas Lowry, one of the neighborhood's developers and first residents.

A popular recreational spot in the area is Thomas Lowry Park. This natural attraction offers benches and a small walking trail. Members of Friends of Thomas Lowry Park volunteer time and help keep the park maintained.

One of the best places to visit in Lowry Hill is the Walker Art Center & Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Internationally recognized as a leading arts venue, the Walker Art Center presents contemporary visual arts and design exhibitions; dance, theater, and music performances; and film screenings. The Sculpture Garden, newly renovated and reopened in 2017, features magnificent, large sculptures in a beautiful garden setting.

Lowry Hill is also home to Parade Stadium, the Parade Ice Garden and the Dunwoody College of Technology. The largest school in the community is The Blake School.


population: 3,877


  • < 18 yrs: 13%
  • 18–24 yrs: 4%
  • 25–34 yrs: 29%
  • 35–44 yrs: 19%
  • 45–64 yrs: 13%
  • 65+ yrs: 22%


  • renters: 57%
  • homeowners: 40%


  • high school degree or higher: 99%
  • bachelor’s degree or higher: 78%
  • graduate or professional degree: 32%


  • <$35,000: 17%
  • $35,000–49,999: 9%
  • $50,000–$74,999: 15%
  • $75,000–$99,999: 11%
  • $100,000+: 47%

via Minnesota Compass