Neighborhood and Community Relations

Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) is part of the broader City Coordinator department and will both serve residents directly and support all other City departments with enterprise guidance in the realm of strong neighborhood and community relationships.

NCR is charged with strengthening our City’s quality of life through vigorous community participation, resident involvement in neighborhood and community organizations, and supporting clearly defined links between the City, City services and neighborhood and community organizations.

The  NCR has taken the place of the NRP program in Minneapolis. Here is the latest information on the NCR.

The old Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).

The Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association received $1.8 million dollars in NRP funds over a twenty year period. These funds were used to improve the neighborhood. Projects funded included:

  • Historic street lighting
  • Renovation of Kenwood Park tennis courts
  • New playground equipment at Kenwood Park
  • Creation of master planting plan, design and installation of new gardens and lighting, and installation of irrigation in Thomas Lowry Park
  • Fremont Triangle beautification project with design and plantings.
  • Douglas Median beautification with redesign, irrigation and installation of new gardens and benches.
  • Improved pedestrian safety with installation of sidewalk in Kenwood Park
  • Completion of historic context study for Lowry Hill, documenting historic assets in the neighborhood

Lowry Hill Phase I Plan

Lowry Hill Phase II Plan

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