LHNA Revises Public Realm Improvements Priority

At the November, 2021 board meeting, with full support of the LHNA Board, a motion carried to revise the language of the Public Realm Improvements Priority to read:

“Support projects that improve the public realm in and around Lowry Hill through targeted investments in landscaping, street furnishing, and related infrastructure. Projects may include, but are not limited to the Douglas Median Landscape Project and the Fremont Mount-Mount Curve Triangle Landscape Project. Funds may also be used for other improvements to other public spaces within the neighborhood. This may include increased signage and neighborhood improvements to our public spaces. Further, projects also may include support for public institutions, such as schools, that are part of the Lowry Hill Community.”

This motion will enable LHNA to vote on a contribution of $10,000 to North High to support school athletics. Details of that effort: https://www.lowryhillneighborhood.org/2021/11/12/north-high-fundraising/