Minutes of April 2023 LHNA Board Meeting

Date: April 4, 2023

Location: Kenwood Community Center

Time Meeting Called to Order after Quorum: 7:05PM by President Charles Scheiderer.

Board Members Present: Charles Scheiderer (President); Sue Westerman (Treasurer); William Goodnow (Secretary); Fran Davis; Chad Harkin; Thomas Regnier; John Lillehei, MD; David Bjork; Anne Nelson: Jennifer Wirick Breitinger; George Montague; Jackie Brown-Baylor.

Other Attendees: Lt McCree, Elizabeth Shaffer, Barb Davis, ***.

Minneapolis City Council Update

Ward 7 Council Member was not in attendance.

Minneapolis Police Department Update

LT McCree attended the meeting and provided an update. In the month of March, there were 17 crimes 14 of which were auto thefts. The LT reminded up that the weather is warming so we should be aware of our surroundings while we are out and about. There are a few carjackings popping up around the City that have corresponded with the nicer weather. He reminded us to put down your phones when in the car as it reduces situational awareness. Most carjackings are occurring when people are sitting in their cars, when idling outside of businesses, or when people not aware of their surroundings. Most carjackings are being perpetrated by juveniles. MPS arrested 3 juveniles today for stealing cars. Free “clubs” (a device to lock your steering wheel) are available at the precinct for people who own KIAs. He reminded us to keep everything in the trunk or out of sight when the car is parked. There were 20 graduates from the most recent academy. The police department is not experiencing significant attrition at this time. There are about 40 future officers in the pipeline to go into the next academy. MPD is trying to recruit laterals from other cities in Minnesota and other states. Brand new officers take over a year to get up to speed, but officers with existing experience only have to be in classes for about 3 weeks before they can start working as a police officer. The board expressed interest in reviving the Citizen’s Academy which is a baseline educational training program for residents on personal and public safety. Lt McCree said he would follow up with the Police Chief about holding Citizen’s Academies again. The police appreciate it when people wave at them for moral support.

Crime & Safety Update

Treasurer Sue Westerman provided an update. The crime report for March was consistent with those of January and February. No carjackings, no robberies, no rapes/murders, there are still a lot of car thefts, one catalytic converter theft. There is a new law requiring VIN numbers to be stamped on catalytic converters so scrap yards can’t take them from criminals as easily. Sue had an update for Kenwood – apparently Kenwood typically has very little crime. Kenwood is having a Crime Prevention Fundraiser on April 29 at the Mary Tyler Moore House (same house where there was the Safety Meeting with Andy Luger).

The Walking Club is on-hold until the weather is somewhat better and the remaining snow melts. The Walking Club will likely start at the end of April or in early May. During all of 2022, 3330 KIAs and Hyundais were stolen in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There were two recovered vehicles down at Dunwoody. Sue will announce the Walking Group at the Annual Meeting and via the Know Your Neighbor list. Chas suggested funding treats for the first neighborhood walking group, perhaps from Sebastian Joe’s. We discussed inviting the Police Chief to host the next Neighborhood Safety Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sue Westerman provided an update. LHNA received some funds from the city which consisted partly of additional funding from the most recent City Budget and mostly of carryover from our unused 2022 funds. To recap, at the end of 2022 we prepaid as many expenses as possibly (ad space, accounting, etc.) and carried over 10% of the total budget form last year which was about $3000. The additional City funding from the new budget was about $800. We are sitting on almost $40,000 in cash currently of which $10,000 is earmarked for the Thomas Lowry Park plaques that still have not been installed and consequently have not been paid for. Sue is waiting on receipts from Nate. The Palio Winter games funds were sorted out even though the event did not happen, unfortunately, due to weather.

Events Update

Events Chair Jackie Brown-Baylor provided an update. The Palio Winter Games were missed due to weather. Jackie is working with Friends of Thomas Lowry Park to organize an event to clean up the park and plant plants. They want to put in some rose bushes and peonies. Jacking needs community and PERIS volunteers to help with the planting. She has talked to the Park Board and is waiting on permits for the event. The date for the Thomas Lowry Park cleanup is not fixed but she is shooting for May. There are other parks in Lowry Hill that we might be able to help clean up during that event as well. Jackie is thinking we have team leads and they each have assignments either within Thomas Lowry Park for other areas around the neighborhood. Jackie was hoping to advertise the event in the April Hill & Lake Press ad for which the absolute final deadline for is April 10 or 12.

Update on The Ice Cream Social (July 15 th ) – Lowry Hill Meats is going to join us at the event. There will be waterproof origami boats. Jackie was is trying to get the puppet show but is looking for an alternative in case the puppet show falls through.

Jackie is looking into buying a tent with LHNA and will order one soon.

May 13th is “Neighborhood Day” and the City has encouraged that we hold a meeting on May 13 th to get people together even if informally. David raised the idea of an informal event at TLP on May 13 th in the form of a meet and greet essentially. We discussed having an event at some point where we bring in food trucks around dinnertime on one day in the summer.

Communications Update

Communications Chair Tyler Ecklund-Kouba was not in attendance. Chas agreed to speak to Tyler about hiring a manager to help share the workload of communications similar to what the East Isles Residents Association & the Kenwood Neighborhood Associations do (they both have an “administrator”). We will discuss this further next month after Chas speaks with Tyler and Ariah Fine at the City.


Zoning Chair Fran Davis provided an update. There is no zoning business pending. 35 Groveland is under construction. PERIS is still trying to rent out their empty units and have hired a new on-site manager.

Donation Committee Update

Donations Committee Chair Nate Morris was not in attendance.


Approval of the March Minutes: John Lillehei motioned for approval of the March minutes and the motion was seconded by Fran Davis. There was no discussion. The March minutes were approved unanimously.

New Board Member Recruiting: Fran Davis has not received any new board member applications. She asked board members to keep recruiting in mind.

Potholes: Potholes are especially bad this spring. There is a website for Minneapolis Pothole Reimbursement where you can apply to have the City cover damager to a vehicle resulting from hitting potholes.

Motion to Hold May, June, & September Board Meetings In-Person: William Goodnow motioned to hold the May, June, and September LHNA Board meetings in-person after which we will discuss potentially an alternating Zoom/in-person schedule for next year. The motion was seconded by Fran Davis. During discussion, we agreed to have a more formal discussion of the modality next year as travel to and from board meetings can be hazardous and unnecessary when there is snow and ice on the ground. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Annual Meeting: Plans for the upcoming Annual Meeting were discussed. To summarize, we agreed to hold the meeting at First Unitarian as the Scottish Rite was not available. Thomas will follow-up on an exact date in early June. Catering is pending and guest spears were discussed. The guest speakers will likely be Police Chief Brian O’Hara if possible, Lisa Goodman, and a potential third. Venue: First Unitarian is available on the 5 th , 6 th , and 7th of June and the charge will be minimal. The org has held the annual meeting there in the past and served sloppy joes and chips etc. Seats 460. There is a chance The Lowry will provide root beer, food, or some kind of catering as they offered to help. Thomas will circle back with First Unitarian and get a concrete date. Guest Speakers were discussed. Police Chief Brian O’Hara was a popular proposal with Katie Blackwell as a backup. Lisa Goodman and perhaps Scott Dibble or Frank Hornstein were suggested as additional speaker. Review of the Committee: William, Chas, Sue, John, Jennifer, Thomas, Fran.


LHNA: Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association
MPD: Minneapolis Police Department
HLP: Hill & Lake Press
NNF: Neighborhood Network Fund
EEF: Equitable Engagement Fund

As there was no further business,

Meeting adjourned by President Charles Scheiderer at 8:40 PM by motion carried.

The next LHNA Board Meeting will be held on May 2, 2023 at 7PM and will be in-person at the Kenwood Community Center.

Minutes by William Goodnow
Secretary, LHNA Board