Minutes of March 2023 LHNA Board Meeting

Date: March 7, 2023

Location: Zoom

Time Meeting Called to Order after Quorum: 7:05PM by President Charles Scheiderer.

Board Members Present: Charles Scheiderer (President); Sue Westerman (Treasurer); William Goodnow (Secretary); Fran Davis; Tyler Ecklund-Kouba; Chad Harkin; Thomas Regnier; John Lillehei, MD; David Bjork; Nate Morris; Anne Nelson.

Other Attendees: Council Member Lisa Goodman, Inspector Katie Blackwell, Elizabeth Shaffer, Barb Davis, and several other neighborhood Zoom participants.

Minneapolis City Council Update

Ward 7 Council Member Lisa Goodman provided an update. Lunch With Lisa will be held on March 29 th . The Dunwoody signs were approved by the City Planning Commission and the plans are moving forward without objection from the neighborhood. Winter parking restrictions will not be eliminated until at least April 1st . Lisa encouraged residents to call 311 to inform the city of the locations of poorly cleared streets and potholes. Businesses must clear sidewalks to be passable within four hours v 24 hours for residents. Lisa talked extensively about the 2040 Plan and the impact on the neighborhood. She reiterated that the current zoning is in effect as of 2020. She encouraged residents to visit the City website for details. There were a number of comments and objections voiced, however the plan is currently in effect and is unlikely to change. However, the City is accepting public comment on the use table of the zones currently (table 545-1).

Minneapolis Police Department Update

5th Precinct Inspector Katie Blackwell provided an update. In the 5 th precinct overall, robberies are down almost 50% and carjacking are down almost 70%. In the month of February in Lowry Hill, we had one robbery and a burglarized business. Year to date in Lowry Hill, we have had 20 auto thefts 10 of which were in February. Most of the vehicles are being stolen by juveniles, and half of the thefts occurred within a block of Franklin Ave. Staffing levels at MPD are fluctuating and we are currently at 514 officers (in 2020 we were at 890). There have been four academies this year though Inspector Blackwell did not state how many new officers have joined the department since January 1, 2023.

Crime & Safety Update

Treasurer Sue Westerman provided an update. For about six months, we have had almost no violent crime in Lowry Hill. Sue held a Zoom call for the Know Your Neighbor list and only a few people attended. Sue plans to keep sending emails to the Know Your Neighbor list but will not continue to hold Zoom meetings. The Walking Group will kick off in April, most likely twice a month in the early evening. Sue plans to hold a call about the walking group.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sue Westerman provided an update. We have a cash balance of $48,721.97 currently of which $10,000 is still waiting to be paid for the plaques. Nate requires some reimbursement for expenditures and will send receipts to Sue. Our budget has been approved for 2023 for use of the Neighborhood Network Fund and Equitable Engagement Fund. Chas plans to send copies of the plans to the board so we are aware of what we have committed to do as an organization.

Events Update

Events Chair Jackie Brown-Baylor was unable to attend and did not provide an update. Sue mentioned that we will use funds approved during the prior meeting to engage with as much of the community as possible.

Communications Update

Communications Chair Tyler Ecklund-Kouba provided an update. Tyler showcased the next ad for the Hill & Lake Press which was put together by Christopher. The help of Christopher at the Hill & Lake Press has made the Communications Chair job much easier. Tyler included in the ad encouragement to residents to run for seats on the board. He also advertised that the April meeting will be in-person. The email list remains strong.


Zoning Chair Fran Davis provided an update. The Dunwoody signs passed and there are no other zoning issues currently pending (other than the 2040 Plan). Carla from Peris could not attend, but she is looking for opportunities for the renters at Peris to get involved in community service. There are 11 units available for rent.

Donation Committee Update

Donations Committee Chair Nate Morris provided an update. Nate is planning to get back to his previous routine of door knocking and writing thank you cards to donors.


Approval of the February minutes: Approval of the previous meeting’s minutes was delayed until after the March board meeting and is planned to be conducted by email as Secretary Goodnow did not have the draft minutes completed in time.

Annual Meeting Discussion: planning of the Annual Meeting was discussed as we will need a venue sorted out within the week following the March board meeting if we are to place advertisements in the Hill & Lake Press in time. There is interest in holding the Annual Meeting at the Scottish Rite Temple. William Goodnow agreed to contact the Scottish Rite with the help of Tyler Ecklund-Kouba (Tyler is a member of the Scottish Rite). Other volunteers who plan to help with the Annual Meeting are Thomas Regnier, John Lillehei, Fran Davis, Chas Scheiderer, Sue Westerman, and Jennifer Wirick Breitinger. It was agreed that June 1-8 is an appropriate timeframe in which to hold the meeting.

April Meeting to be Held In-Person: there was consensus that the April LHNA Board Meeting must be held in person. The March board meeting was initially planned as an in-person meeting but reverted to Zoom following the last-minute defection of numerous board members which threatened our ability to achieve a quorum. The board officers indicated the April meeting will go forward and urged the board to make an effort to turn out.

Elizabeth Shaffer spoke about the Cedar-Isles Plan briefly and encouraged attendees to email her with questions. The City is targeting parkway replacement and improvement of storm water infrastructure.

Motion to Donate $1000 to Green Minneapolis for the Hennepin Avenue Crossroads: Fran Davis moved, David Bjork seconded, there was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously.


LHNA: Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association
MPD: Minneapolis Police Department
HLP: Hill & Lake Press
NNF: Neighborhood Network Fund
EEF: Equitable Engagement Fund

As there was no further business,
Meeting adjourned by President Charles Scheiderer at 8:40 PM by motion carried.

The next LHNA Board Meeting will be held on April 4, 2023 at 7PM and will be held in-person at the Kenwood Community Center.

Minutes by William Goodnow
Secretary, LHNA Board