Minutes of April 2022 LHNA Board Meeting

Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes


Date: April 5, 2022

Location: Zoom

Time to Call Meeting to Order after Quorum: 7:03 PM by President Charles Scheiderer

Board Members Present: Charles Scheiderer (President), Thomas Regnier (Vice-President), Toni D’Eraamo (Treasurer), John Lillehei, MD (Secretary), Vickie Gilfillian-Bennett, Fran Davis, George Montague, Tyler Ecklund-Kouba, Sue Westerman, Craig Wilson, Robert Hinck, Chad Harkin, Jennifer Wirick Breitinger

Other Attendees: Council Member Lisa Goodman, Inspector Katie Blackwell, Lieutenant Michael Frye & 9 More Neighborhood Participants

Minneapolis City Council Update

7th Ward Council Member Lisa Goodman presented a neighborhood and city update.

The March 30, 2022 Lunch with Lisa was a success with 110 attendees. The next Lunch with Lisa is Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at the University of St. Thomas hosting our Minneapolis Park Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer. The City of Minneapolis will start collecting yard waste Monday, April 11, 2022. One caveat is that the city recommends leaving your yard waste ‘untouched’ until temperatures are regularly above 50 F. This protects the overwintering pollinators required to grow all of our food and are unfortunately in steep decline. Bees often nest in broken stems in plants and butterflies in leaf piles and require this regular 50 F weather to emerge.

The City plans to fully reconstruct the street in Franklin Avenue W between Hennepin and Lyndale Avenue S. This will result in prolonged closure. You may search the project details on Minneapolis.mn.gov.

The Minneapolis Boards & Commissions has 31 openings that you may also search on the above website if one is interested in applying.

The City has mailed your 2023 Valuation Notices that are based upon 95% of your market value. If you believe your home value is incorrect, the best bet is to first talk to a local realtor to check home recent sales in your area. The appeal process is listed on the bottom of the 2023 Valuation Notice.

Minneapolis Police Department Update

5th Precinct Inspector Katie Blackwell and 5th Precinct Lieutenant Michael Frye, with 30 years of experience and in charge of overnight, gave March 2022 crime update. The investigation on the early morning March 18th homicide on the 1900 block of Colfax Avenue South is ongoing. There is a warrant out for the arrest of the 2 suspects and they knew the victim. Eyewitness accounts by Lowry Hill neighbors provided vital information to police. There were 3 Lowry Hill home burglaries. Two of the home homes were left unlocked and a garage door opener was used to enter the 3rd home. There was one motor vehicle theft and a number of thefts from vehicles.  Once again, leave nothing in your parked cars including garage door openers. Lock your home and garages. The escalation of catalytic convertor thefts continues throughout the city. As in our LHNA March Meeting, Lieutenant Frye addressed efforts to target scrap yards to prevent the buying and selling of catalytic convertors for precious metals, thereby ending the theft cycle.

Inspector Blackwell believed the Police presence in Lowry Hill from the MPD Buy Back Program has greatly diminished neighborhood violent crime, including no carjackings in March. In addition, she thought that with the recent prolonged Minneapolis Teacher Strike including all public school kids out of school might have led to an increase in carjackings, but this ultimately did not hold true.

Finally, spring has once again increased citywide hot rodding that unfortunately draws spectators.  The MPD has dedicated a detail to address and abate this behavior. There is also increased MPD surveillance and ticketing for the escalation in citywide driver speeding and running through red lights and stop signs. These aberrant behaviors may be a consequence of Covid-19 induced emotional and psychological stress plus the perceived belief of less police enforcement.

Minutes of March 1, 2022 LHNA Board Meeting

Motion carried to approve the minutes

Crime and Safety Update

Chair Sue Westerman presented and update with Inspector Blackwell in attendance.

The discussion focused on Surveillance Cameras. Lowry Hill has 4 current cameras. These are monitored by the 5thPrecinct. Katie Blackwell stated these cameras greatly aid in the investigation of crimes. Sue has been working with a MPD liaison Lieutenant Markstrom on the best location for an additional 4 cameras.  Each camera costs $7000 or $28,000 for 4 cameras. There was a hearty discussion about the location of the cameras. As such, a two -part motion was made, seconded and carried.

Motion: 1. Sue will determine with the Crime and Safety Committee the best Lowry Hill Neighborhood locations for the 4 additional cameras and 2. President Scheiderer will request the $28,000 in funds from the City

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Toni D’Eramo gave the financial for March 2022.

As of March 31, 2022:


Total Bank Accounts:                                      $35, 328.06

1201 City Contracts Receivable                       $1,323.99

1205 Prepaid Expense                                         $8, 863.50

Total Other Current Assets                             $10,187.49

Total Current Assets                                          $45, 515.55

(1205 Prepaid expenses includes $8,863.50 in prepaid 2022 expenses for accounting, web and ad production services January-December 2022)

Liabilities& Equity

2101 Advances on City Contracts:              $8,863.50

Total Liabilities                                                   $8, 863.50

Equity:                                                                  $36,652.05 

Total Liabilities & Equity:                            $45,515.55

President Scheiderer addressed that the City of Minneapolis requires a 2022 budget for the LHNA. In essence, how our organizations plans to spend our funds in 2022.

Jakie Brown Baylor, Sue Westerman and Toni D’Eramo will work together to prepare a preliminary LHNA Budget for 2022.


Chair Fran Davis presented the Zoning Report.

Carla Godwin of Peris Hill shared equal concern in the March 18, 2022 homicide on Colfax and for the safety of all neighborhood residents. Neigbors have complained about overflowing Peris Hill dumpsters.  In response, Peris will increase trash pickup from once to twice weekly. Peris Hill is a finalist for affordable housing in the Minnesota Real Estate Awards.

Concerning the existing cluster development homes at 1301-1307 Mount Curve Avenue, there is a public hearing on April 25, 2022 for a variance to correct a technical problem when the homes were built and will most likely be approved.

The Nor-Son Construction meeting for the approved development at 35 Groveland Terrace is on April 6, 2022. If one has questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact: Nor-son Construction, LLC. 700 East Lake Street, Suite 213, Wayzata, MN 55391. 612-216-1800.


Communications & Outreach team Toni D’Eramo and Tyler Ecklund-Kouba provided an update. The LHNA website will be updated to reflect the new branding and logo. The new Lowry Hill signs will be posted soon. Tyler will bring a new sign for all to see at the LHNA Annual Meeting at the Walker Art on May 25, 2022 at 6 PM.

Craig Wilson and Chad Harkin will tackle the bulk mailing to the Lowry Hill neighborhood residents announcing the May 25th LHNA Annual meeting. President Charles Scheiderer will write the cover letter.

Neighborhood Priorities

Craig Wilson, Chair of Neighborhood Priorities since September 2017, tendered his resignation from the LHNA Board. He is the new Editor of the Hill and Lake Press and believes his efforts are best focused on the monumental task of publishing the monthly paper and he will strive to represent all neighborhood organizations fairly. He is also exploring improved distribution of the Hill and Lake Press to neighborhood residents.

Chad Harkin has nicely volunteered to assume the LHNA Chair of Neighborhood Priorities under Craig’s mentorship.

In addition, Craig Wilson presented a draft update of the Thomas Lowry Park/Seven Pools Plaques that are under final approval by the Minneapolis Park Board.


Events Chair Jackie Brown Baylor shared a draft of 2022 LHNA Events for 2022.

2022 LHNA Events Draft

Event                                      Potential Dates                         Notes

Annual Meeting                    5/25/22                 Walker Art Center

Ice Cream Social                   7/15/22                Purchase Ice cream

Historical Walking Tour    TBD                         May Contribute

Garage Sale                            9/11/22                Involve East Isles

Fall for Jazz                            10/23/22             Involve FTLP, Kenwood

Trick or Treat-Kenwood   10/31/22              Involve East Isles

Ice Skate Party                      1/2023 TBD         Involve Northside,E /LakeIsles,Kenwood

Sundays in the Park            TBD                         Involve FTLP

Bingo                                     6/18, 7/16, 8/20   Involve FTLP

Optional Events                  6/19, 6/26, 7/10   Involve FTLP

7/17, 7/31, 8/7


It should be noted that the permit for each event starts at $500 and this includes dumpster and trash pickup. This is the draft that Jackie Brown Baylor, Toni D’Eramo, and Sue Westerman will utilize to construct the 2022 LHNA Budget.


1.The Amended and Restated By-Laws of The Lowry Hill Community Corporation,

were last updated in December 2017. Article 4, Section 11 titled: Quorum, does not address video conferencing that has been a necessity during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Motion carried to add the following to Article 4, Section 11 of the By-Laws: “ Any person attending by video conferencing will be recognized as being in attendance at the meeting and will be able to participate in voting.”

President Charles Scheiderer will contact our LHNA attorney at Birken Law Office to update the By-Laws with this addition.

  1. Funding Sustainability Statement for City Budget Compliance:

Lowry Hill Neighborhood will prepare a base budget and an extended reach budget supplement each year. The base budget will be funded by the routine funding which covers basic expenses and donations. The fund currently called the Neighborhood Network Fund will fund much of the basic operational expenses of the organization. In addition, we will continue to solicit our members for donations through direct mail, annual meeting and requests for donations at neighborhood events. Also, in an effort to extend our reach, we will attempt to take advantage of special funds as they become available. We recognize we have to apply for these funds and describe special projects along with how the funds will be spent and the benefits. Current funds in this category include Collaboration and Shared Resources Fund, Partnership Engagement Fund, Equitable Engagement Fund, and Community Preparation Fund.”

Governance & Nominations for Annual Meeting

Nominations Chair Fran Davis and President Charles Scheiderer led the discussion. Toni D’ Eramo’s and Robert Hinck ‘s six -year terms are complete and will rotate off of the LHNA Board. Craig Wilson has resigned leaving 3 LHNA Board positions open for the Annual Meeting in May.  Six LHNA Board members are up for re-election in 2022 as they have 2-year expiring terms. All have all agreed to serve another 2- year term:  Vicki Gillfillian-Bennett, Sue Westerman, and John Lillehei, MD, Fran Davis, Charles Schiederer, Jennnifer Wirick Breitinger and Sue Westerman.

Annual Meeting Discussion

The LHNA Annual Meeting is on May 25, 2022 at the Walker Art Center at 6PM.

Jennifer Wirick Bretinger will extend a speaking invitation to 7th Ward Council Member Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis Park Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer and Minneapolis Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  Robert Hinck will sign a contract with D’Amico for the food and cash bar beverages. Thomas Regnier will design a PowerPoint presentation that includes photographs of Lowry Neighborhood events.

There will be a cash bar with catering provided by D’Amico at the Walker Art Center. In addition,

Motion carried to approve $3,500 in funds for hearty hors d’oeuvres.

May LHNA Zoom Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 7 PM

As there was no further business,

Meeting adjourned by President Charles Scheiderer at 8:58 PM

Minutes by John Lillehei, MD

Secretary, LHNA Board