Hennepin Ave Re-Design: Your Input Needed by April 16th

The City of Minneapolis is re-designing Hennepin Ave., from the Douglas Ave. intersection all the way to Lake Street.


  • Until April 16, 2021 – Public comment on the city’s website
  • August, 2021 – City expects a final approved layout
  • 2023 and 2024 – Construction

What’s up for grabs? A lot.

The two proposed options address several issues:

  • Adding bike lanes on both sides of Hennepin or in an alternative spot off Hennepin
  • Designated lanes for new Bus Rapid Transit
  • A central median to slow traffic
  • Allowances or eliminations of left-hand turns
  • Keeping or eliminating parking.

“Now is the time for residents and businesses in Lowry Hill, East Isles, and Lowry Hill East to speak up about what’s most important,” said Fran Davis, Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association Board Member.  “These neighborhoods are directly impacted by the proposed changes; and public feedback is essential if the city is to have a balanced approach to transportation.”

Competing Interests

City planners admit there are a lot of competing interests in the corridor – local businesses, neighborhood residents, urban transit needs, climate change.  There’s not enough space in the 88-foot right-a-way to accommodate all interests so it’s important the public speak out about what’s important.

Action You Can Take:

A word of caution: if you’re an urban planner, you might be able to decipher the renderings of Option 1 and Option 2.  If you’re not, the 30-minute video “Virtual Open house 3” (link below) is a better way to grasp the scope of changes.

1. Watch the video:

Virtual Open House Video (has project explanations)

2. Visit the city project planning page

See Option 1 Design Layout, and Option 2 Design Layout

3. Comment on the interactive map

View and comment on the interactive map

4. Take the survey

Take the survey on the city’s website about the project.  However, without broader context about the project, some residents have expressed concern about how answers will inform the final plan.

5. Additional thoughts? Tell your neighborhood association.

Have a comment that doesn’t fit into the city survey?  Share your comments on the plan, the process, and at the survey with your elected Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association representatives at lhna@lowryhillneighborhood.org


Note: Watch your inbox for updates. LHNA is planning a Zoom meeting for Lowry Hill Residents (see map of neighborhood below) on this topic. We will invite a city representative to discuss this with us.

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