Colfax Ave South Traffic Issues

Colfax Ave South Traffic Issues

Near the intersection of Colfax Ave S and Franklin

Delivery trucks are a problem on the 1900 block of Colfax Ave S near the Franklin intersection. Double parking, trucks on both sides of Colfax, at the end you’ll see delivery man rolling a dolly across the street.

Watch Video 1:  Colfax Ave S – Truck parking problems

Illegal parking  in No Parking zone

Trucks use the No Parking zone where this US Foods truck sits, mid-way down the block of 1900 Colfax Ave S, causing a lot of weaving traffic and dangerous conditions for residents trying to exit their driveways.

A resident who approached a driver and said they’d report the violation was told by the driver “good luck with that” (different truck, not US Foods).

Watch Video 2:  Colfax Ave S – Truck illegally parked