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Join the LHNA Board

LHNA has an active group of 15 board members from the Lowry Hill Neighborhood.  Board members serve for a 2 year term and generally become involved in a project in the neighborhood.  Past projects have included beautification of Thomas Lowry Park, installation of a sidewalk in Kenwood Park, partnering with the Hennepin Avenue business district, writing content for the website and local newspaper, working with Minneapolis Park Board and City Councilors, advocating for tree plantings in the neighborhood, monitoring zoning and planning, and hosting neighborhood events.

"I' feel much more connected to people in the neighborhood since I've served on the board," said Janet Hallaway, former LHNA President.  "One of the most rewarding things has been getting to know a whole new group of people and now counting those people as good friends".

If you'd like to learn more about serving on a committee or the board, contact lhna@lowryhillneighborhood.com.

Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA) 

LHNA is  volunteer-run, neighborhood-based community organization working toward the preservation and improvement of the Lowry Hill neighborhood. Up to 15 board members serve on the board for 2-year terms.  Board members are elected each year by the neighborhood residents at the annual membership meeting each May. All Lowry Hill residents are members of LHNA and welcome to attend monthly board meetings and events.

LHNA is a 501.3(c) non-profit without barriers to entry.  All donations to LHNA are tax deductible.