The Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association Wants You Leave a Light On To To Help Deter Crime In Our Neighborhood.

We are encouraging all in our community to 

If you have a back porch/yard lights, we encourage you to 
leave those on as well. Light is a BIG deterrent to criminals.  
It will not cost you more than a few dollars increase in 
your monthly electric bill.

Some other tips we encourage are as follows:

  Make sure your alarm system is armed at all times.

 • If you don’t have an alarm system, consider adding a
home security system to your residence.

 • Make sure all first floor or easy access windows are locked.

 • Close and lock all garage doors and do not leave valuables on porches or in yards.

 • Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.

 • CALL 911 if you see suspicious persons
or activity – this is what 911 is for; don’t
hesitate, make the call.  Report ALL crimes immediately to 911.

 • Be informed, sign up to receive official
Minneapolis Police Department crime reports online at

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